HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide

HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide - HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide...

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HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide: Chapters: 7,11,12,19,6,17,3,18 Reserve Readings: ‘Past Friendships”; Devor; ‘Intersex’; Families. Chapter 7: Dating & Romantic Relationships Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Youths
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Importance of Dating and Romance Scarf (1987) The developmental significance of an intimate relationship is to help us “contact archaic, dimly perceived and powerfully meaningful aspects of our innerselves. Developmentally, dating is a means by which romantic relationships are practiced, purused, and established. It serves functions: entertainment, recreation, and socialization. (Isay, 1989) falling in love is critical for his gay clients; allowed them to feel comfortable with their gay identity. Culture’s devaluation of same sex relationships Our culture is more likely to turn a “blind eye” to sexual than to romantic same sex relationships. Same sex activity may appear a temporary thing, and experiment, but falling in love with someone of the same sex and maintaining thatr implies an irreversible deviancy at worst. Because of this cultural view youths of all sexual orientations may become frightened of developing close friendships with same sex peers. Seperation of a youths homoerotic passion from the socially sanctioned act of heterosexual dating can generate self doubt, anger, and resentment, and can retard or distort the development of interpersonal intimacy during adolescence. Empirical Studies of SS romantic relationships among youth. (Silverstein, 1981) establishing a romantic relationship with a SS partner helps one to feel “chosen”, to resolve issues of sexual identity and to feel more complete. Those in long term love relationships generally have high self esteem and self acceptance. (Sears, 1991) discovered that nearly everyone in study dated heterosexually
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HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide - HD 384 Prelim II Study Guide...

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