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February 14 2008 - Sociology 101 February 14, 2008 Chapter...

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Sociology 101 February 14, 2008 Chapter 4: Socialization Socialization is a life-long process, even though it is primarily associated with childhood o Socialization refers to how we learn our culture, develop a sense of self, and become functioning members of our respective societies Socialization hinges on social interaction, and is the foundation of our ability to develop a sense of self Sociobiology , in contrast to sociology, examines the biological roots of social behavior. They believe that the theory of evolution can be used to draw conclusions about human behavior o While sociologists recognize the importance of biology, they emphasize processes of social interaction. Their research does not tend to focus upon biological factors A sense of self is developed through socialization o The self can be understood as the unique sense of identity that distinguishes each of us o Personality, then, is the distinctive set of complex attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and values that make up an individual o The combination of the self and the personality is what constitutes personal identity o Sociology however, is focused upon how we develop a social identity The majority of sociological theories concerning the development of social identity are formulated from the symbolic interactionist perspective rather than the functionalist or conflict theory perspectives Three major theorists contributed to social identity in sociology
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February 14 2008 - Sociology 101 February 14, 2008 Chapter...

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