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January 28 2008 - Le Plat Principal As a means of...

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French 102 January 28, 2008 The class posed the following questions to one another as part of an oral exercise: Quel est votre repas idéal? o What’s your favorite meal? Quelle est votre cuisine nationale préférée ? o What’s your favorite type of food (i.e. Greek, Mexican, etc…) While much of the vocabulary concerning meals is self-explanatory, the term l’entrée , while used to describe the main course in English, is actually the term for the first course in French Many dishes fall into this category o Une salade (salad) o De la soupe (soup) o Des tomates (tomatoes) The main meal is referred to in French as
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Unformatted text preview: Le Plat Principal As a means of practicing the food vocabulary found in chapters seven and eight, the class was divided into groups and asked to describe what and how they would prepare a meal for 5-10 people. The goal was to formulate the answers to six questions: Qui (who) Quoi (what) O (where) Quand (when) Pourquoi (why) Comment (how) For the next class:-Students are to read pages 180-182 of the text for the conjugation of re verbs-Students are to read pages 188-189 of the text for the conjugation of verbs resembling sortir...
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