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small homework 3 SAMPA - Name _ Linguistics 304 / 504 /...

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Name _______________________________ Linguistics 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 Small homework #3 due 4 March 2008 I. B ULGARIAN (Source: Cowan and R akus#an 1987) Study the alternations in the final consonants of the roots. Singular Plural gloss 1 rak raka crab 2 belek belega mark 3 nalok naloga tax 4 koZux koZuxa fur coat 5 znak znaka sign 6 vrak Vraga enemy 7 zvuk zvuka sound 8 podvik podviga feat 9 s@pruk s@pruga spouse 10 siromax siromaxa poor man 11 almanax almanaxa almanac 12 jezik jezika language 13 stomax stomaxa stomach 14 molif moliva pencil 15 Nerf Nerva nerve 16 straS straZa guard 17 s@rp s@rpa sickle 18 buket buketa bouquet i. Of the problems we have done in class, to which one is this most similar? The German Problem_________________ ii) For the roots which alternate, what property distinguishes the two members of each pair of consonants? voicing____________________________ iii) For the roots which do not alternate, what feature value is shared by the final consonants of the roots? [- voicing]____________________________ iv) Give the lexical representation of the following words. Gloss 1. ‘crab’ 3. ‘tax’ 15. ‘nerve’ lexical representation / rak______________ / / naloga______________ / / nerva_____________ _ / phonetic form [ rak ] [ nalok ] [ nerf ] v) Write a rule to describe the change from the lexical form to the phonetic form of the words in this data set.
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page 2 [ k ] [ g ]/consonant_ II. F EATURES IN S COTS E NGLISH AND F RISIAN Part A. Scots English. (West Germanic)
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small homework 3 SAMPA - Name _ Linguistics 304 / 504 /...

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