LING 304 Notes 1-22

LING 304 Notes 1-22 - Phonological Analysis Notes Today is...

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Phonological Analysis Notes 1/22/2008 Today is the day to get organized. Some of the information on the second page print copy of the syllabus was cut off. Phonetics: Studying sound components of language and how they are made. Developing a system to describe sounds. It is different from phonology because of the physical reality of how they are made. Phonology: Not the study of bumps on the head. Study of sound systems, emphasis on system. WHat they do as part of an organized language thing. It is specific to languages, not the capacity of possible sounds. Also deals with the mental organization of sounds. Caroline believes that there are some things that are clearly defined as phonetics or phonology, and some things that are in-between. A lot of the patterns in phonology are a result of physical things that we would see in phonetics. Both areas form part of "the grammar of a language". Grammar refers to what the speaker of a language knows. you need to know how to make the sounds and how to adjust them to different contexts, the general rules that apply to your own language, etc. The purpose of the course is to interpret phonological patterns. To develop a sense of what does
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LING 304 Notes 1-22 - Phonological Analysis Notes Today is...

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