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LING304 Notes 1-29 - Phonological Analysis Notes 1/29/2008...

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Phonological Analysis Notes 1/29/2008 Topics Model of generative phonology presented in chapter 2 Examples of alternations and how they justify generative model. Similarities and differences in different kinds of alternations. Practice solving problems. The multiple choice part of the web ct quiz was graded automatically, while the written portion was graded by her out of 10. This does not affect credit because you get credit just for doing it. The grades are just to help you figure out how you did. She wrote notes that you can see on webct about the quiz for most people. You can do the assessments can be done multiple times. Make sure that you save after every answer. At the and of class, you will be given a written assignment. It is small and you get full credit if you make an honest effort to complete it. It is due next Tuesday. The book gives you a few kinds of assimilation. It is when a sound takes on characteristics of surrounding sounds.
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For example, the p in cup, a bilabial stop, can become a labiodental stop. (I have no symbol for the labiodental stop.) That pen can become tha pen "That cat" can become thak cat or [ðatkʰ¾t]. (SAMPA [Datk_h{t] ) This is a very common way of assimilation. While t and k normally distinguish words, they can be exchanged for each other in certain circumstances, such as that cat. These are optional because no speaker has to do these.
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LING304 Notes 1-29 - Phonological Analysis Notes 1/29/2008...

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