LING304 Notes 2-07

LING304 Notes 2-07 - Phonological Analysis Notes 2/07/2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Phonological Analysis Notes 2/07/2008 The way that the homework was graded was you got 3 points for trying to fill in everything, and less points if you don't put in as much effort into it. It is all about you practicing and her understanding what everyone is learning. She was happy overall, especially on the first 2 problems. She will go over the old English. Everyone else can look at the two problems on the big handout. Word - initial Word - finally adjacent to voiceless consonant. all of these were [f] It was [v] between voiced sounds. Listing every environment is the first step. The full answer is making a generalization of the environments that cause change. Different languages have different things that are important, so she can't tell you what to specifically look for beforehand. The descriptions that she gave shows that [v] appears in more specific contexts than [f] and is less common. This, [f] has a wider distribution and [v] has a narrower distribution. The wider distribution is always the one that is harder to describe everywhere that it appears and is also known as an "elsewhere". The wider distribution, f, is assumed to be the lexical representation. representation....
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LING304 Notes 2-07 - Phonological Analysis Notes 2/07/2008...

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