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Sapir: Language, Linguistics as a science Language may serve various purposes apart from mere communication. These include, but are not limited to: subgroup differentiation from the larger group, verbal substitution for physical action, the recording of history and finally the development of individuality and personality. First, the use of language for subgroup differentiation creates and supports a sentimentality which keeps the group tightly-knit (i.e. nicknames used within families or groups of friends). The second given purpose of language lies in the reassuring qualities of any sort of speech—“small talk”, for instance—during gatherings; Sapir further writes that it is the human tendency towards verbalization rather than physical action which best exemplifies how completely culture has transformed “the life of man as an animal.” Recording of societal history through language allows for the accumulation, transmission and perpetuation of cultural lore. Lastly, language plays a vital role in both shaping and indicating personality, in turn “constantly
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