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small homework 2 SAMPA

small homework 2 SAMPA - Name Linguistics 304 504 Anthro...

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Name ________________________________ Linguistics 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 Small homework #2 due 19 February 2008 Note: I was unable to come to any conclusions from earching the date in problem II. I tried and couldn’t find anything to put for any of the answers. In problem I. Is the phonetic form for the word ‘like’ only supposed to have [ lO ]? If not, then you may have made a typo on the homework and I only noticed it when I was completing the assignment. I. Gen (spoken in Togo and Benin, West Africa). (Source: Odden 2005 web) Examine the distribution of [r] and [l]. 1. agble farm 15. agoNglo lizard 2. aNOli ghost 16. akplO spear 3. sabulE onion 17. sra strain 4. alO hand 18. atitrwE red billed wood dove 5. avlO bait 19. blafogbe pineapple 6. drE stretch arms 20. edrO dream 7. exlO friend 21. exle flea 8. hlE read 22. NlO write 9. tSrO~ exterminate 23. tre glue 10 . klO wash 24. lO like 11 . Vlu stretch a rope 25. pleplelu laughing dove 12 . Mla pound a drum 26. zro fly 13 . Wla hide 27. etro scale 14 . esrO spouse 28. dZro hint i. State the contexts for each of these sounds, trying to generalize as far as possible. Do not mention aspects of the context that are irrelevant. Context for [ r ]: Preceeded by either Dental sound or alveolar sounds______________________________________________________________ Context for [ l ]: elsewhere_______________________________________________________________ ii. Which diagram gives the best representation of the status of these sounds in Gen? B._______ a. /r/ /l/ b. /l/ c. /r/ | | / \ / \ [r] [l] [r] [l] [r] [l]
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page 2 iii. Give the underlying representation for the following words.
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