January 31 2008

January 31 2008 - Sociology 101 January 31, 2008 Chapter 1:...

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Sociology 101 January 31, 2008 Chapter 1: Research Methods In Sociology, Theory and Method go hand in hand. o There are two different types of Sociology Research: Pure Sociology reflects the ideology that sociologists should address social problems only in researching facts and developing theories of explanation Applied sociology reflects the opinion that sociologists should utilize knowledge and skills to apply to work in the real world; particularly in addressing social problems Social Research refers to research regarding people and their interactions with one another o Sociologists conduct scientific research: meaning that that they attempt to test and build theories to explain social behavior The Scientific Method as it applies to sociology can be described as: A systematic procedure that attempts to promote accuracy and ethics A process that relies on empirical evidence or data derived from observation and experience o This is distinctive from simply theorizing or “guessing” about social realities o Steps in the research process: Formulate a Problem Why is there a lot of violence in the U.S, for example Review the literature Examine the existing research on the topic Specify a Research Question Based upon the literature, refine the original problem to be more specific or testable Develop a hypothesis or hypotheses Areas of high poverty will have more violence, for example Define the Variables Variables are characteristics or traits that can be measured and there are three types in sociological research: o Independent Variables are variables that are considered causative or the thing that effects change
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January 31 2008 - Sociology 101 January 31, 2008 Chapter 1:...

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