Tough guise

Tough guise - bigger in movies and entertainment...

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Tough Guise: Violence, the Media, and Masculinity Jackson Kats Masculinity: an act, a mask.You have to show only part that emphasize "maleness" and fit into narrow box of masculinity. Men of color in the media are improperly portrayed. For example, all Asian men as martial artists. The media constructs a violent masculinity as a norm, making a connection between being a man and being violent. Violence isn't talked about as a gender problem. Statistics show men are the perpetrators of violence way more that females and other men are usually the victims. Tough guise as surreal mechanism. Focus on subordinated groups not majorities. Passive voice. Not "kids" killing "kids", it really is boys killing others. If you don't say boys/male, it's like it doesn't exist. (Like colorblindness.) Lorena Bobbit example, Thelma and Louise. It is unusual when women commit crimes. Must male masculinity visible in our society. Toys > change in men's bodies. Images of women are becoming less threatening, men becoming bigger. Limitcd to guns getting
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Unformatted text preview: bigger in movies and entertainment. Nothing "natural" about images- men in out culture usually are the ones who make the decisions (add, people, hollywood) Threat of masculinity cause these charges: Coaial mevements of the 70's and backlash. Performers: Andrew Dice Clay, Howard Stern, Rush Limbah. .. Feminist ideas of equality are a threatto the conservative party. Heterosexuality also challenged. Brutal violence against homosexuals takes place, which "keeps males in line." Loss in /vietnam Blamed on loss of masculinity, wimpy anti-war movement. Regan untimate backlash Rose to power pposing every social movement from the last 20 years. Linked to John Wane- keeping the country "hard." Men of color in movies - hyper masculinity Smoke signals. Only way to get respect to use a guise. Now "posing" glamorized crossing races. This is actually borrowed/based off of movies like Godfather (White Italian men.)...
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Tough guise - bigger in movies and entertainment...

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