extra credit reaction paper 1

extra credit reaction paper 1 - related as far as the...

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Sociology 101 section 1 3/13/08 Extra Credit Reaction paper 1 I am writing this paper on the video series called Race: The Power of an Illusion . I am specifically writing about episode one called “The difference Between Us. I am going to give a brief summary of the video then I will explain what I learned and my thoughts about it. To summarize this video, I would say that it was very good. It tried to explain the notion that race and Biology/Genetics are linked. So n the video, a few students of different races had a DNA workshop in which they tested different sequences of DNA and compared the data to people around the world. It was pretty neat seeing that some people were closely
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Unformatted text preview: related as far as the sequencing and some were very different. I enjoyed how this video proved my belief that race is not linked to biology or genetics. I learned a lot from this video. One such thing I learned was that our DNA is very similar to people we do not even know and it can be just as different as well. Another thing I learned is that race is ascribed not something we are born with it is therefore not genetic. It was a very good video in its explanations of what the students were doing and what they saw as the results. Again, I really enjoyed this video....
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extra credit reaction paper 1 - related as far as the...

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