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Extra Credit reaction paper 2 - biology/genetics My opinion...

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Sociology 101 Section 1 3/14/08 Extra credit reaction paper 2 I am composing this reaction paper on the video titled Race the Power of an Illusion . I am specifically writing about episode two “The Story We Tell.” I will first summarize it then give my opinion and feelings about it. To summarize this video I would say that it’s primary focus was on race with regard to Slavery. The video was talking a lot about Black slaves and the history of slavery in America and around the world. The history was interesting, but the fact that they picked a specific race being the inferior race of African-Americans is wrong. The story in this episode was about slavery of other races than white while the other two videos reflected on race with regard to the housing market and
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Unformatted text preview: biology/genetics. My opinion for this particular video is that slavery is wrong and should not happen anywhere around the world even though I know our society thinks otherwise. I am very grateful for the Civil War and what President Lincoln did for our country in the 1860’s. The abolishing of slavery was the best thing because that meant that all people were one more step closer to being treated equally. I am a big advocate for all men to be treated equal because I am of a minority group and if I am not treated equally, then I will fight tooth and nail to gain the proper treatment. I believe that all humans no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. should be treated equally....
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