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Sociology 101 Section 1 3/19/08 Extra credit Reaction paper 3 I am writing the reaction paper on the video Tough Guise . I will begin by giving a summary of the video then I plan to reflect on the video. My reflection will be my new knowledge and my opinion prior to viewing the video. To give a very small summary of this video would be to say that it was talking about men and the toughness most but not all men portray. This video talked about this guise that men feel they need to put on in order to be considered a “real man.” It mentioned that men who do not put up this “front” are not really men rather they are pathetic, sissies, mama’s boys, etc. If men put this front on however, they are
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Unformatted text preview: considered tough, strong, and real men. My opinion prior to viewing the video was the same as it is now after seeing it. I have the opinion that a man is real no matter if he has this “tough” guise on or not. He is not fake, because there are no truly “fake” or “phony” people in this world. There may be people who have a personality that makes them not be true to a friend or something like that, but they are not fake either. Men do not need a disguise to make them real or strong, calling a man a “sissy” because her is sensitive, make s the “tough” man that much weaker because he is not strong enough to allow all men to be treated equally....
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