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Comparing models of phonological knowledge Put a check mark in the appropriate column for each statement that applies to one of the models of phonology. Some statements may apply to both models. (Disclaimer: These statements are very broad characterizations of different ways of thinking about phonology. Individual phonologists have varying, more specific theoretical views.) generative phonology usage-based or exemplar model 1 When children are born, they already have a general model of possible language structures. ________ ________ 2 Language users store information about all the pronunciations that they hear of each lexical item. ________ ________ 3 Language users develop awareness of phonological patterns by generalizing knowledge across different pronunciations that can be used for the same lexical
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Unformatted text preview: item. ________ ________ 4 Speakers use their knowledge of phonological rules in order to derive a pronunciation from their stored representation of a lexical item. ________ ________ 5 The model provides a way of thinking about how language users learn and apply phonological knowledge. ________ ________ 6 Children use general cognitive strategies to start learning individual lexical items. ________ ________ 7 The model places a high value on economizing stored information; it assumes that language users store a single representation of each lexical item. ________ ________ 8 The model places a high value on economizing information processing; it assumes that language users can directly access and select from multiple possible pronunciations. ________ ________...
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