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handout features complete-the-outline

handout features complete-the-outline - Exercise on ideas...

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Exercise on ideas about distinctive features and natural classes: Construct-an-Outline Here are some statements about features and natural classes. Organize them into an outline. There is no single “correct” answer; the purpose is to get you to think about characteristics of features and natural classes and to organize these ideas. Whatever the outline is that you end up with, it won’t correspond very closely to the structure of the handout I gave you. 1. Feature systems provide a way to identify which sounds are more similar to each other: similar sounds share more feature values with each other than with other sounds. 2. Features provide a notation to show that a phonological process may change a whole class of sounds in the same way. 3. Features identify properties of sounds that can change independently of other properties. 4. Features provide an explicit system for classifying sounds. 5. Distinctive features provide phonologists with a precise formalism that is more suitable for their purpose than are phonetic descriptor terms.
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