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handout questions Finnish VH SAMPA

handout questions Finnish VH SAMPA - Last vowel in the root...

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Ling 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 Questions about Finnish vowel harmony 1. All of the suffixes show up in two different forms. Which feature is different between these two forms? _________________________ That is the “harmonizing feature”. [back] 2. Draw a diagram to show the lexical representation and derivation for [tyt2lt{] ‘from the girl’. t [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial] t [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial] l t [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial] [+back] [-back] [+round] [-round] 3. Consider the words [porissA] ‘in Pori’, [nAiseltA] ‘from the woman’, and [sisAreltA] ‘from the sister’. What is surprising about the forms of these suffixes? Some vowels get skipped over. 4. The vowel in which position in the word is determining the choice of suffix vowel?
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Unformatted text preview: Last vowel in the root accept [i] and [e]. . 5. Which vowels are behaving as transparent? Specify using features. _____________________ [i] and [e] 6. What do we learn from [veneess{] ‘in the boat’ and [helsiNNiss{] ‘in Helsinki’? It’s saying that these words contain transparent vowels and the [{] is the default vowel for this suffix. 7. Write the default rule for Finnish vowels. [-cons, +son] [ ] [-back] 8. The rule for vowel harmony has to “skip over” transparent vowels. Write this rule, specifying which vowels will be skipped. Assume no suffix vowels are transparent. Ignore consonants. [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial] [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial] [-cons, +son, Dorsal, Labial]...
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