handout type IV alternations SAMPA part1

handout type IV alternations SAMPA part1 - Linguistics 304...

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Linguistics 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 Type IV morpho-phonemic alternations P AST TENSES OF E NGLISH VERBS (from the textbook, p.57.) jumped, talked, played, toyed, begged, rubbed, washed, dredged, fetched, keyed, showed, passed, caused, writhed, frothed How many different sounds are used to form the past tense morpheme? What determines the pronunciation of the past tense morpheme? Is it possible to postulate one lexical form for the past tense morpheme? If so, what is it? Write a phonological rule that describes when an alternate pronunciation is used. G ERMAN O BSTRUENTS (from Roca & Johnson 1999 Workbook ) Transcription note: The symbol [r] is being used here generically to represent the phoneme /r/ which has a variety of pronunciations, mostly uvular fricatives and approximants. root gloss suffixed form gloss phonetic form for final cons. of root in suffixed form 1 tA:k day tA:g@ days ______ 2 raUp robbery [email protected] to rob ______ 3 laIt sorry [email protected] to suffer ______ 4 lo:p praise lo:[email protected] to praise ______ 5 ve:k way ve:g@ ways ______ 6 lant land [email protected] to land ______ 7 graIs old man [email protected] old men ______ 8 braf obedient (pred.) [email protected] obedient (masc.) ______ 9 rA:t advice rA:[email protected] to advise ______ 10 fOlk people fOlk@ peoples ______ 11 pErIskOp periscope pErIskOp@ periscopes ______ 12 ho:f courtyard h2:f@ courtyards ______ 13 rOs steed (horse) rOs@ steeds ______ 1. Divide the suffixed forms into root + suffix. In the furthest right column of the table, write the final consonant of each root as it appears in the suffixed form . 2.
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handout type IV alternations SAMPA part1 - Linguistics 304...

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