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handout vowel harmony v2 SAMPA - Linguistics 304 504 Anthro...

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Linguistics 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 Vowel Harmony Turkish Turkish has 8 vowels, which can be specified using 3 features. [low] is not needed. [-back] [+back] [-round] [+round] [-round] [+round] [+high] i y M u [–high] e 2 A o 1. Backness harmony Examples p.150-157 of textbook Nom sg Gen sg Nom pl Gen pl gloss [-back] [+high] ip ipin ipler iplerin rope [-back] [-high] el elin eller ellerin hand [+back] [+high] kMz kMzMn kMzlAr kMzlArMn girl [+back] [-high] sAp sApMn sAplAr sAplArMn stalk Harmonic words For the majority of words in Turkish, all vowels in the word agree in backness. That is, they’re all either [+back] or all [–back]. Summary of basic backness harmony: root vowels specified for all features (only one specification of [back] per morpheme) suffix vowels lexically underspecified (no specification of [back]) value of [back] spreads left-to-right from root to suffix, as far as possible Some harmonic suffixes: Genitive - {i,M,y,u}n Lexical representation for suffix / V +high [ ] n / Plural - l{e,A}r Lexical representation for suffix / l V -high -round r / Disharmonic roots and affixes Roots in Turkish that contain both [+back] and [–back] vowels are said to be DISHARMONIC . In these, every vowel is lexically specified for [back]. The value of [back] for the last vowel in the root spreads to suffix vowels. There are also disharmonic suffixes. In these, the vowels are lexically specified for [back] so they do not vary. The root’s value of [back] cannot spread to the vowels in these suffixes. Examples: ‘dimension’ - gen ‘during’ - leijin ‘like’ - vAri ‘land’ - istan Vowels in the disharmonic suffixes are said to be OPAQUE : they block the spread of the harmonic feature because they are lexically specified for this feature. This is a consequence of the No-
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handout vowel harmony v2 SAMPA - Linguistics 304 504 Anthro...

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