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304 Spg 08 syllabus (3)

304 Spg 08 syllabus (3) - Linguistics 304 504 Anthro 317...

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Linguistics 304 / 504 / Anthro 317 / 517 Phonological Analysis Classes: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 – 3:15 in Mitchell 213 Instructor: Caroline Smith Office Hours: Office: Humanities Bldg. Room 552 277-7417 Thursday 10-12 and by appointment Email: [email protected] Students with disabilities should please arrange to meet with me individually as soon as possible so that I can accommodate your needs in order to help you succeed in this course. Course description: Phonology might be defined as the study of the sound structure of language. The purpose of this course is to learn to interpret and analyze phonological patterns. The main theoretical framework presented will be generative phonology, but the course emphasizes problem-solving more than theory. Examples will be drawn from a range of languages: English is useful as a starting point because of our shared knowledge, but is only one language among many. The analytical thinking skills learned in this course can be applied in many areas, including test-taking. By the end of this course, you should be able to: 1. describe the meanings of the principal phonological features, and use them to classify familiar and unfamiliar sounds. 2. describe and give examples of important phonological processes such as assimilation, lenition, voicing changes and syllable structure alternations. 3. solve phonological problems involving at least two or three interacting processes, and explain the solution orally or in writing. 4. discriminate between phonological processes that are common and occur in many languages around the world, and processes that are rare or absent. 5. identify better and worse solutions of a phonology 34problem from among multiple possible solutions. 6. summarize how the basic principles of generative linguistics apply to phonology. 7. [Grad students only] construct a phonology problem yourself and argue for a solution. The prerequisite for this course is Linguistics 303, or equivalent. Linguistics 292 is strongly recommended. Students are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of phonetic symbols, and a good grasp of the concept of linguistic analysis.
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