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5 - Bourdieu Price formation and anticipation of profits...

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Bourdieu Price formation and anticipation of profits Through use of the strategies of condescension, an individual seemingly lowers themselves to be on par with the person whom they are interacting with. An example of this would be an invitation by an employer to interact with them on a first-name basis, which could be meant to encourage a sense of familiarity but rather elicits suspicion on the part of the employee. Strategies of condescension are gestural means of negating the power differential; however, the same strategies may backfire if they are interpreted to be an act of malice. For instance, if the President of the United States endeavors to speak the native language to the locals in a foreign country, his actions may be taken as either an effort to establish affable relations or a way of mocking the people. Although the profit of distinction capitalizes on its appearance as an intrinsic quality,
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