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7 - Foucault D&P The means of correct training pp.170-194...

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Foucault D&P The means of correct training pp.170-194 The punishment of repeatedly writing the phrase “I will not speak French on the school grounds” was a means of correction through exercise instead of vengeance or retribution. Such a penalty utilizes the technology of power to forces a student to internalize the habit of speaking English, through physical and material means. This is more effective than the use of corporeal punishment in that it conserves the physical energy necessary to inflict such retribution upon a student; it is preferable to expulsion because it deliberately inculcates in the mind of the student the proper way of conducting themselves, rather than forcing them to privately mull over the matter in their own free time. The disciplinary power is simultaneously indiscreet, as it is in constant operation, and discreet in that it does not resort to excess coercion or violence.
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