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initialize the minimum location variable to the first location that is, location 1 inRun = 1; or numRun = 1:30 % loop through all possible values of numRun % initialize lengths and then run the simulation 92 times % (the value we calculated in the last problem) to get an % accurate estimate for the time based on this combination % of numRun and numTumble lengths = 1:92; for N = 1:92 [pos, state] = ECsim(numRun, 10); lengths(N) = length(state); end % find the average time it takes for this combination of numRun and % numTumble arrayMean(numRun) = mean(lengths); % if the average time is smaller than the smallest time so far, % make the pointer of smallest time point to this time if (arrayMean(numRun) < arrayMean(minRun)) minRun = numRun; end nd print the optimal numRun and the time it took to run isplay(minRun) inTime = arrayMean(minRun) %#ok<NOPTS> graph the results using errorBar rrorbar (arrayNumRun, arrayMean, arrayError) ISCELLANEOUS
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Unformatted text preview: / is used to divide an array by a number unction [output1, output2] = function_name(input1,input2) the ICD failing was so low that the surgery to replace the old device with a new one was more dangerous than the flawed device. ICD : Implantable cardioverter-defib m. The electrical impulse that starts each beat originates in the sinoatrial (SA) node . The electricity then flows through the atria, upper chambers, of the heart. This is represented in an ECG by the xpressions, and posture. n), CW: a disorganized set of threads (tumble) after doc . directory. SR, overall_mean); alize_SR(SR, overall_mean) x; rm_mean) ignal with Arrhythmia Signals' ) ' , 'Location' , 'Best' ) ive(time_peak, ECG_1) een data points in ECG_1 ); % Takes the max value of ECG peak 1 Finds time of max peak 1 _position-1; % Sets the time range time_diff); % Take the derivative...
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