Eddie Welch

Eddie Welch - • Vietnam War/ Red Power Movement •...

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TRAD 101 Notes Eddie Welch Native American Painters and Painting Since WW2 Historical Context Painting as traditional art form Anthropology and Native painters in late 19 th and early 20 th centuries The Kiowa Five Santa Fe Indian School/Dorothy Dunn; Geronimo Montoya Market and Expectations of Indian art Indian Art in the U.S. Museum of Modern Art, 1941 WW2 and impact of Indian painting Rebel Painters of the 1950’s Painting individual directions/ Breaking away from Santa Fe 1958 Philbrook Annual 1959:; Directions in Indian Art/ University of Arizona 1962 Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe The New Indian Painting Modernism/ Alternative Modernism/Postmodernism
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Unformatted text preview: • Vietnam War/ Red Power Movement • Scholder and Cannon at the Smithsonian in 1972- Two American Painters Oscar Howe Pierre Indian School: Vocational Training Military Drills Punishment Disease (trachoma) Few Friends In 1958 Oscar Howe Submits Painting to Tulsa Grand Purchase Prize ’47,’52,’53,’54,’55,’56 Oscar Howe and Cubanism: Dispelling a myth Art critics have labeled Oscar as a Cubist Oscar did not agree Oscar has a very hybrid styles Developed a very distinct style Howe’s Legacy • Individuality • Innovation • Integrity • Excellence • Professionalism...
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Eddie Welch - • Vietnam War/ Red Power Movement •...

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