Powwows - Sometimes shared by two drum groups Grand Entry...

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Powwows Carol Latour Dancing was part of religion/ceremony Powwows Ceremonial Dances War Dance of the Ponca—Helushika Social Tribal Naming of veteran Inter-tribal/ Public Competition Organization or persons Ceremony Grand Entry Flag Song Dropped Feather in Dance Circle Sacred Circle Drums are in a circle, dancing in a circle, spectators are a circle Regalia Represents traditions, clans, dreams, societies, communities Drum Heartbeat of the people Calls people home Eagle Feather Flies closet to Creator Symbol for Veterans Powwow Staff Spiritual Leader Blesses te arena before Grand Entry/prayer Arena Director Controls what is happening in arena Master of Ceremonies: MC Calls songs, drum groups, announcements Head Dancers Male and Female Host/Head Drum/Invited Drum
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes shared by two drum groups Grand Entry Begins main event Dancers come in, powwow princesses, and host family or organization Flag Song Stand in respect during the song honoring all veterans. Followed by memorial song The Dropped Feather Represents a fallen warrior Helushka Dance Many different regalia types for each dance Powwow Donts Clothes worn are called regalia or outfits NEVER costume Walk through the circle once it has been blessed Take pictures without permission Touch regalia or drums Powwow Dos If you have questions, ask! Remove hat when MC tells you to Have fun Dance when invited Check out the vendors MUST eat fry bread when attending powwowknown fact...
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Powwows - Sometimes shared by two drum groups Grand Entry...

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