TRAD 101 Notes February 18th 2008

TRAD 101 Notes February 18th 2008 - Euro American ones •...

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TRAD 101 Notes February 18 th 2008 Contemporary Cherokee Issues Three Key Themes Allotment Policy (Dawes Act) Cherokee Freedmen Contemporary Economic Development Allotment Policy Break up communally held lands (160, 80, 40 acres) Make Indian and surplus lands available to non-Indian use Reservation-based Indians had to document ½ or more “Indian blood” to receive allotments John Collier (1934) Head of Indian Reorganization Act Stated Agendas Assimilation Acculturation Civilization Progress Private Property Humanitarianism Unstated Agendas Spatial Control Assert Euro American Territorial Authority Replace Indians’ Systems of land division and patterns of movement with
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Unformatted text preview: Euro American ones • A tool for increasing U.S. power over Indians Freedman • Afro- Cherokee • Black decedents of Cherokee slave owners • Identity is a social and political construction • 1866 Cherokee Nation signed a reconstruction treaty with U.S. Dawes Rolls (1902) Established three categories • Freedman [non- trust] • Intermarried whites [non-trust] • Indians by blood [1/2 or more- Trust] • 53,000 enrolled • 1907 Cherokee Nation was dissolved and Oklahoma becomes a state. Washington has reacted • Wanted Freedman to be reinstated as Cherokee members...
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TRAD 101 Notes February 18th 2008 - Euro American ones •...

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