TRAD 101 Notes March 24

TRAD 101 Notes March 24 - The Outing Program Summer...

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TRAD 101 Notes GOAL: Christianization/ Civilization 1536: Spanish open Tlaltelolco in Mexico City to educate local Indians 1568: Jesuits open a school in Havana for Florida Indians 1616: Pocahontas solicits funds for Indian education 1636: Harvard Founded 1646: Founding of societies to send funding to educate Indians 1650: Harvard rewrote it’s charter to include Indian education 1665: Caleb Cheeshateaumuck 1 st Indian to graduate from Harvard, dies shortly thereafter Federal Period GOAL: Assimilation through vocational training 1780: Washington and Jefferson advocate vocational training for Indians 1825: Choctaw Academy 1851: Cherokee Male and Female Seminaries established 1871: Treaty period ends; 97 of 400 treaties include education provisions 1879: Pratt moves his industrial boarding school to Carlisle, PA (first off-rez boarding school) Why attend boarding schools Treaty provisions- federal responsibility Better living conditions? Compulsory attendance law 1891
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Unformatted text preview: The Outing Program Summer Practice vocational skills Menial labor After Boarding School Skills not always useful at home Skills not useful enough to obtain employment Students did not fit back into communities The Meriam Report: 1928 Poor health care Malnutrition Overcrowding Unsanitary conditions Strict discipline Poor teachers Student labor 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) Advocated for restoring Native culture, language Progressive Education 1930’s National movement responding to changing America Move to day schools Individualized instruction suited to needs of students Better qualified teachers Include cultural values of Indians First Native Community Controlled School Self Determination Self Determination and Education Assistance Acts of 1972, 1975 “to promote maximum Indian participation in the government and education of Indian people 1968: Navajo Community College founded: first tribally controlled college...
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TRAD 101 Notes March 24 - The Outing Program Summer...

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