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TRAD 102 Notes February 25 2008

TRAD 102 Notes February 25 2008 - • Life span of T.O male...

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TRAD 102 Notes February 25 2008 Tohono O’ odham Food and Wellness O’ odham Diet: circa 1930 Primarily desert foods (farmed and gathered) Tohono O’ odham farmers producing 1.5 million pounds of tepary beans Diabetes unheard of among Tohono O’ odham Changes in Diet Indigenous communites nationwide. -Reservation Era: people removed from familiar food sources, hunting became difficult -Federal government began sending commodity foods: flour, salt, lard, etc. O’odham Diet Post WW2 Shift to cash economy, ranching Loss of water to Tucson -By late 1960’s almost no farming Government relief programs introduce commodity foods Wonder Bread Food Fight: The Fry Bread Controversy Developed from commodity foods 1 piece of fried bread=700 calories and 27 grams of fat Susan Shown Harjo challenges the “tradition” Diabetes in the Tohono O’ odham 60 -70% of Tohono O’ odham have type 2 Diabetes 80% suffer from obesity
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Unformatted text preview: • Life span of T.O. male: 57 years • Pima Community: highest instance of diabetes in the world • Replacing desert foods with western diet a likely cause Returning to Desert Foods • Local foods such as beans, corn, cacti, mesquite tend to be high in soluble fiber and amylose • Cholla buds and saguaro fruit slow sugar absorption in bloodstream • Foods are slow to digest and stave off hunger • Medicine/prevention for diabetes Desert Foods vs. Western Foods • Hominy vs. sweet corn • Tepary beans vs. pinto beans Other desert foods • Mesquite • Amaranth • Cholla Buds Moving Toward Wellness • Education • H.O.P.P • Weight loss challenges • Fun Runs • Nutrition Counceling • Camp for at risk children • 2000 Desert Walk for Biodiversity Community Action • Combines goal of beating diabetes and economic development • Encourage wellness and self sufficiency...
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