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1 First Midterm Results Statistics. Modal decile was 70-80, which is about where it should be for a 1 st exam. Average score, 69.0, a bit low. adjustments (see below) not included in these numbers. If you scored less than 60, you’re not performing up to snuff. See your instructor; start attending help sessions. Tough Questions. 3. Homologous traits are a. similar in function, but not always in structure b. similar in structure, but not always in function c. derived from different ancestral structures, despite having similar functions d. both a and c e. none of the above Homologous traits derive from a common ancestor and are consequently similar in structure, but not necessarily in function. The most frequently given answer was a. suggesting either that respoindents didn’t know the definition and/or they didn’t read the question carefully. 6. In a series of lectures delivered in 1943, Erwin Schrödinger postulated the following sources of biological order: a. Consumption of energy to effect local reversal of the 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics. b. Existence of an aperiodic crystal encoding developmental information. c. Enzyme systems that preserve the integrity of the genetic code via DNA repair. d. a. and b. e. All of the above. A number of you chose
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First%20Midterm%20Results - First Midterm Results...

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