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ENG 102 Essay 1 - Joseph Forte English 102 Essay 1 Proposal...

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Joseph Forte English 102 Essay 1 Proposal By nature, most people feel the urge to be deviant. To fulfill this need or urge a substantial percentage of Americans indulge in a vice that is perceived to be harmful and detrimental to one’s health. Our government recognizes the recreational use of marijuana as a harsh crime, punishment parallel to that of a crime such as statutory rape in some states. We should follow the examples of other respected countries around the world such as Holland and Denmark and start decriminalizing marijuana for personal, economical, industrial, and medical reasons. Marijuana – also know as weed, pot, grass, bud, chronic, Mary Jane, herb, amongst other names, is the third most widely used drug in the United States, according to a survey taken in 1988. It also is the number one illegally used drug in the United States. Marijuana is so popular that an estimated one out of every three people in the US have tried it and around 44% of US high school students have smoked it (www.norml.com). It comes from the cannabis plant, with the main ingredient being THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana has many ways of smoking it, from bongs and bowls, to joints and blunts, and can actually be made into teas and used as ingredients in food. The user has a lot of choices in his or her way to get high with some users describing it as giving them a euphoric feeling. Marijuana should be legalized because the money saved from its prohibition could be used for more important things such as aiding health care, helping countless
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other countries, stabilized illegal immigration, or helped to find a new energy source. Marijuana, as compared to cigarettes and alcohol, is just as dangerous to your health yet those other two drugs are legal. If the drug was made legal, it would also make it easier for the chronically ill to get marijuana for treatment. With marijuana being legalized, the US Government could make an extraordinary
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ENG 102 Essay 1 - Joseph Forte English 102 Essay 1 Proposal...

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