cse test 1 - Goal of programming: better problem solving...

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Goal of programming: better problem solving skills, design good solutions (not just programs, design), test the solutions, and provide the solution as a readable document Interpreted: means that Python looks at each instruction, one at a time, and turns that instruction into something that can be run Physical parts of a computer: processor, main memory, secondary storage (disks), I/O devices, network 3 things that change all the time with respect to a processor: smaller, faster, more of them on one chip Transistors: Little electronic switches (only discovered in the 50’s). Moore’s Law: Roughly, since 1965, the number of transistors on a chip doubles every 18 months for approximately the same cost; " Often quoted as the speed of a cpu doubling every 18 months for the same cost "; speed and density were related Nanosecond = 10 -9 Sec; Speed of light in 1 nanosecond = 30 cm Gigahertz = 10 9 Hz Disk memory hold more than Main memory but main memory is faster Bit= 1 binary, Bite= 8 Bits 10 3 =2 10 ,10 6 =2 20 ,10 9 =2 30 . . Module: list of python commands; Import: brings the contents of a module into the present python interpreter; once imported without errors, a module must be reloaded Statements are command in Python, usually part of control. They perform an action but don’t return a value Expressions do return a value, perhaps performing some operation Type: it is a form of data which defines the operations you can perform on the data and the results you will get from those operations;integer, floating point, string, list, Boolean Python naming convention: must begin with a letter or _; may contain letters, digits, and underscores; may be of any length; upper and lower case letters are
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cse test 1 - Goal of programming: better problem solving...

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