1st year seminar paper

1st year seminar paper - Saad 1 Yumnah Saad The Mind and...

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Saad 1 Yumnah Saad The Mind and Its Disorders: 1 st Year Seminar Prof. Louie Sass March 3, 2008 Meursault: A Classic Schizoid One of the most intriguing types of personalities is the schizoid personality. Someone who possesses a schizoid personality feels a sense of alienation from normal society; he does not believe he actually fits into that society. Therefore, he can be seen as the ultimate “outsider.” According to R.D. Laing and his book, The Divided Self , that person lives in a sense of theatricality, which means that he is aware of himself as if he is on a stage, waiting to be viewed. The point-of-view that the person is looking at himself from is actually from the point-of-view of the audience. The schizoid person also has no sense of emotions nor does he feel the need to attach himself to other people. All in all according to the DSM IV-TR, a schizoid is “detached from social relations,” “neither desires nor engages in close relationships,” “appears indifferent to praise or criticism,” and is usually “emotionally cold and detached.” In The Stranger by Albert Camus, the main character Meursault is a perfect representation of someone with schizoid personality for he exhibits a lot of the same characteristics that are associated with this personality disorder. Meursault is psychologically detached from the world around him. Events that would be very significant for most people, such
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1st year seminar paper - Saad 1 Yumnah Saad The Mind and...

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