ethics-first paper assignment

ethics-first paper assignment - Student ID #: 117005171...

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Student ID #: 117005171 Linked: Morality and Religion Topic #7
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I believe that morality is based on religion. I hold this belief to be true because of the following reasons provided below: According to Timmons, “our conduct, or at least our notions of what constitutes right conduct is, are shaped by out beliefs” (Timmons 35). Ever since the beginning of time, there has always been a certain way to do things. There have always been rules and regulations that help Man by directing him to the “right” path. These rules were made possible because of religion. According to the laws of religion, Man is told not to steal, not to lie, and to always be fair, among other things, (etc.). It is because of religion that Man knows what is right and what is wrong. In other words, the purpose of religion is to set order among people and to have peace on earth. Without these laws endorsed by religion, I think that each person and society itself would have probably fallen apart. Because I believe in this claim that morality is dependent of religion, I also believe in the Divine Command Theory (DC), as mentioned by Timmons, which states that an action is morally obligatory because God/ religion commands us to perform that action. For
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ethics-first paper assignment - Student ID #: 117005171...

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