March 6 - The Politics of Illegal Immigration

March 6 - The Politics of Illegal Immigration - Political...

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Political Science 201 American Government March 6, 2007 The Politics of Illegal Immigration Immigration and Our Three Enduring Tensions of Is Political Life o Immigration and the Original Dilemma: Freedom versus Order Security Outsiders may be dangerous States have a sovereign right to restrict who enters their country Serving national social and economic interests o Newcomers and Distributive Justice: Equality of Opportunity versus Result Where a person is born is arbitrary Equality of opportunity dictates that everyone should have the opportunity to enter this country Equality of result dictates that immigrants dilute the job market and hurt those who are American citizens The argument is that immigration should be limited in order to protect those that already here economically o Immigrants, Mobilization, and Representation: Elite versus Popular Democracy Under what circumstances do we want to allow more people to become active members of the citizenry Should we allow immigrants to vote Latinos and political power How will race and ethnicity dictate the future political landscape Elite democracy – immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to vote Popular democracy – immigrants pay taxes, serving in the military, etc. so why shouldn’t they be able to vote Immigrant votes are important and they matter in modern politics Fortress America: Guarding the Front Door o Enforcing Asian Exclusion and the National Origins Quota System Once immigrants arrived at Ellis Island and other inspection stations, they were on American soil and could demand to have their immigration status reviewed if they were originally rejected o The State Department (Consular and Visa Bureaus) and Overseas Immigration American inspection stations closed and immigrants were forced to
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March 6 - The Politics of Illegal Immigration - Political...

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