April 9 - Byzantium and the Bulgars

April 9 - Byzantium and the Bulgars - History 205...

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History 205 Byzantium: Imperial Age April 9, 2007 Byzantium and the Bulgars Bulgars spoke a Turkic language Originally migrated from Eastern Siberia 619 – Bulgars first show up in area of Byzantium o A group of Bulgars show up in Constantinople and are baptized o Friends of the Byzantines at this point o Living under Avar rule King of Bulgars and his nephew Kovrat are Baptized 619-635 – Kovrat leads a revolt against the Avars and kicks them out o After the Avars are expelled, the Khazars destroy the new Bulgar state Kovrat’s son, Asparuch (a pagan) takes over the Bulgars 680 – Byzantine Emperor, Constantine IV, leads an army against the Bulgars when the barbarians cross the Danube o Byzantines loose o 681 – Byzantines sign a peace treaty with the Bulgars Bulgars begin to be Slavicized o Bulgars are assimilated into the local Slavic population 695 – Justinian II is deposed o 705 – Justinian reappears outside Constantinople with a Bulgar army led by Tervel o After three days of a failed siege, Justinian sneaks into the city and regains the throne o Justinian makes Tervel a Caesar o After Justinian dies, Tervel comes back to Constantinople to try to take the city but fails 716 – Byzantines sign peace treaty with Bulgars Because of Arab attacks, the Byzantines are unable to focus on the Bulgar problem Mid-8 th century – War settles down with the Arabs and Byzantines focus on the
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April 9 - Byzantium and the Bulgars - History 205...

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