April 23 - Byzantium and the Rus - The Age of Reconquest

April 23 - Byzantium and the Rus - The Age of Reconquest -...

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History 205 Byzantium: Imperial Age April 23, 2007 Byzantium and the Rus/The Age of Reconquest The Rus Rus o Can refer to 3 different things 1. Normans, Vikings, Varangians (Vikings) Scandinavians Anyone from far North Europe who rode around in boats and plundered 2. Eastern Slavs Vikings ruled over Eastern Slavs in the 9 th century 3. The territory that the Vikings ruled over o The Rus are a multi-ethnic group of whom the Vikings played a dominant role Rus state was a combination of two elements o 1. Scandinavians o 2. Eastern Slavs o Started taking shape in the 9 th century Mid 9 th Century o A group of Vikings conquered an area in Northern Russia It goes from Lake Ladoga to Lake Beloozero and down to the Oka River o 3 Brothers were the conquerors Rurik is the head brother He makes his headquarters Novgorod 2 more Vikings come down and conquer Kiev o Names are Askold and Dir o Around 880 – Rurik is succeeded as leader of the Rus by Oleg o Oleg kills Askold and Dir and makes Kiev a part of the larger Rus kingdom Oleg’s reign is the beginning of the Kievan Rus state o Successive rulers slowly spread out o They take control of Fins (People from Finaldn) and Balts (People who live along the Baltic Sea) Every spring the Rus sent ships down to Constantinople o Full of furs, wax, honey, slaves 839 – First time the Rus show up on Byzantine radar o A group of traders called Rhos show up in Constantinople June 860 o About 200 Rus ships sneak into the Bosporus undetected and attack Constantinople
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o Michael III is the emperor at this time Emperor and navy are in the Middle East fighting Arabs
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April 23 - Byzantium and the Rus - The Age of Reconquest -...

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