Lecture 5 - The Persian Wars

Lecture 5 - The Persian Wars - History 205 Byzantium:...

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History 205 Byzantium: Imperial Age February 5, 2007 Lecture 5 – The Persian Wars: The Last Great War of Antiquity 502-628 – The Byzantines and the Persians (Sassanians) fought about 5 wars o Each got nastier and more brutal Phokas – army officer who led the revolt against Maurice o The army revolted when Maurice (emperor) ordered them to spend the winter north of the Danube o When Phokas is marching on Constantinople, the Blues and the Greens revolt again Theodosios is Maurice’s son o He might have run away o He might have gone to ask Khusro for help Khusro II is the Persian Shah o Years earlier, Khusro had been in a similar situation and Maurice helped him out o 591 – Khusro signed a peace treaty with the Byzantines and the terms were very favorable for the Byzantines in terms of land and cities 602 – Maurice and his sons are killed by the revolting army 603 – Persians start attacking the Byzantines o Khusro attacks claiming that Theodosios is with him and that he is reclaiming the throne for Maurice’s legitimate heir 604 – The Persians reach Dara and capture it o Dara had been ceded to Maurice by Khusro in the earlier peace treaty 608-610 – The Persians took five important cities and fortresses in northern Syria Meanwhile, the Byzantines are a mess with Phokas as the emperor o
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Lecture 5 - The Persian Wars - History 205 Byzantium:...

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