March 21 - Arab-Byzantine Relations

March 21 - Arab-Byzantine Relations - History 205...

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History 205 Byzantium: Imperial Age March 21, 2007 Arab-Byzantine Relations Palimpsest o When the writing on parchment in washed off and the parchment is reused 751 – origins of paper in the West o Arab armies capture some Chinese prisoners at Samarkand (modern Uzbekistan) o Some of the prisoners were paper makers o Paper begins to be made all over the Arab empire o Paper is then exported to Byzantium By the 9 th century, paper is being used in archives Florilegium - a collection of proof texts taken from a variety of different sources o Ex. I am doing this because St. Whoever did it Incipit – first part of a particular book o Ex. read incipit before reading the passage of the florilegium Macedonian Renaissance originated in the Arab Empire Hunayn b. Ishaq – wrote the Risala (in English: message or letter) o He was the greatest translator at the time o Translator a lot of Greek texts into Arabic Byzantines feel culturally threatened by the Arabs Evidence that the Macedonian Renaissance was caused by a link with the Arabs
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March 21 - Arab-Byzantine Relations - History 205...

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