March 28 - To the Holy Mountain - Mt Athos and Monasticism in Byzantium

March 28 - To the Holy Mountain - Mt Athos and Monasticism in Byzantium

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History 205 Byzantium: Imperial Age March 28, 2007 To the Holy Mountain: Mt Athos and Monasticism in Byzantium Monasticism o 1000 – 150 monks, 7000 monasteries o 1632 – In Crete, 200,000 people 4000 monks, 376 monasteries Functions of monasteries o 1. Cultural centers Scriptorium Workshop where monks copy and produce manuscripts and texts People writing religious poetry and hymns Most monks were literate Monasteries had libraries o 2. Charity Feed the poor Take care of the sick Some monasteries had full service hospitals
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Unformatted text preview: Take care of orphans Served as inns Philoxenia o Love of strangers o 3. Political function Some monasteries would serve as a place to leave disorderly people Place to go for penance o Adultery o Gambling o 4. Monasteries own a lot of land Monastery land is tax free Monasteries cant loose their land o 5. Monks were spiritual advisors for people Symeon the New Theologian o Important spiritual advisor in Constantinople...
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