November 27 - Reagan and the End of the Cold War

November 27 - Reagan and the End of the Cold War - Reagan...

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History of the Cold War November 27, 2007 Reagan and the End of the Cold War Caster Weinberger – US Secretary of Defense under Reagan Gorbachev was introduced into the Communist Party under Brezhnev o Originally meant to reorganize agriculture in the USSR Anti-communist rederic o Reagan believed the USSR was ahead in the arms race when he came into office Strategic Defense Initiative Star Wars o Lots of criticism for SDI Korean airliner shot down by USSR March 1985 – Gorbachev becomes the head of the Soviet Union Gorbachev o Greeted with enthusiasm by the Russian people Energetic, educated o “We can’t go on living like this forever” Economy stagnating Shortage of goods o Perestroika and Glasnost Rebuilding and honesty Geneva Summit (1985) Chernobyl Reykjavik, Iceland second Reagan-Gorbachev meeting o Gorbachev wanted to cut a deal o Gorbachev offered a deal to eliminate ALL nukes
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Unformatted text preview: Reagan wouldn’t give up SDI Gorbachev wouldn’t disarm while SDI went ahead o No agreement, but Gorbachev called it an “intellectual breakthrough between the United States and Soviet Union” Margaret Thatcher played a huge role in this era o Very strong politician o Opposed SDI o Favored concept of Mutually Assured Destruction In USSR, Perestroika and Glasnost were slowing down o Many changes to Societ people o Young pop culture explosion Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty o Gorbachev and Reagan signed an agreement to abolish an entire category of weapons o Crews from each country supervised the others’ abolishment Reagan revoked his opinion of the USSR as “Evil Empire” because Gorbachev’s leadership had changed the country so much...
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