October 2 - Origins of the Cold War Review

October 2 - Origins of the Cold War Review - • British...

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History of the Cold War October 2, 2007 Origins of the Cold War (Review) Interpretations of US and British Relations with the Soviet Union 1945-48 o Traditional USSR to blame o Revisionist US to blame Drive for Open Door Policy Economic coercion Atomic diplomacy o Post-Revisionist Both sides to blame Misconceptions and miscalculations on both sides US exaggerated threat of Soviet expansion Soviet domination of Eastern Europe o Anglocentric UK-USSR conflict to blame
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Unformatted text preview: • British saw Soviet threat to interests • British convinced US of Soviet threat • US realized UK weak-Soviet threat o Balance power in Europe o Foglesong interpretation Validity to each interpretation: challenge is how to synthesize Ideological Conflict and the Post-1945 Cold War Influence of Memories of Past on Deterioration of Relations in Late 1940s The American Mission and the Post-1945 Cold War...
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