April 12 - The Fight for Justice Two Latin American Lives

April 12 - The Fight for Justice Two Latin American Lives -...

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History 262 Modern Latin America April 12, 2007 The Fight for Justice: Two Latin American Lives Injustice o Unfair of unjust actions or treatment o Violation of the rights of others Azucena Villaflor o Born into a working class family in Argentina o Supported Peron Montoneros o Pro-Peron paramilitary group o Kidnapped anti-Peron president in the 60s When Peron returned for his third term in 1973, he did not favor the left wing o Left wing reacts violently against Peron o Peron dies, and his third wife, Isabel Peron becomes president o Military coup ousts Isabel Los Desaparecidos: the Disappeared
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Unformatted text preview: o Activists who spoke against the government during the military juntas rule o Azucena Villaflors son was one of the desaparecidos o This time was known as the Dirty War April 1977 many women who were looking for their children gathered in the Plaza de Mayo to discuss their plight o Azucena became the unofficial head of the group Madres de la Plaza de Mayo First group to bring attention to the desaparecidos Refuse to stop protesting until the government admits its involvement...
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