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February 19 - Discussion Section 2 - The Mexican Revolution

February 19 - Discussion Section 2 - The Mexican Revolution...

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History 262 Modern Latin America February 19, 2007 Discussion Section 2 – The Mexican Revolution 20 th century was a century of revolutions and wars o Mexican Revolution was among the first Predates the Bolshevik Revolution Many Americans in the 1920s called the Mexicans Bolsheviks The Bolsheviks should have been called Mexicans The Constitution of 1917 was among the most radical documents at the time The Mexican Revolution has been the basis of Mexican life ever since o Most important event of modern Mexican history The Díaz system left all the power in the hands of the wealthy or the local boss The term federales was always changing who it referred to based on who was in power at the time When the Mexican Revolution starts, there are many different factions o Poor landowners who want some sort of economic opportunity o Lower and middle class people who want some sort of political power o Landowners who are tired of Díaz’s regime
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Unformatted text preview: Madero is a wealthy landowner who is able to convince all of the competing revolutionary factions that they can unify for a victory against Díaz o Madero is unable to satisfy all of the competing faction so he looses power o Huerta is able to overthrow Madero The fighting continues until Carranza is able to take power The leader of the peasant group is Zapata o He is killed under Carranza’s rule o Pancho Villa survives the revolution, but he is killed in the early 1920s 1928 – Obregón is reelected president but is killed by a religious fanatic poet Turns out, all of the revolutionaries met with an untimely death Small amounts of fighting continue off and on until 1929 Was Mexico better off because of the revolution? o Between 1 and 2 million people de o The economy doesn’t recover until the 1940s Mexico falls 30 years behind their natural economic growth...
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