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December 6 - The Revolution of 1905

December 6 - The Revolution of 1905 - State and Society in...

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State and Society in Imperial Russia December 6, 2007 The Revolution of 1905 Actors in 1905 o The Tsar and his advisors o Zemstvo leaders, professional unions o Radical parties Social Democrats (SD) Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) Workers o Peasants o Nationalities Immediate background: Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 o Imperial ambitions o Witte’s position Avoid war Finish the Trans-Siberian Railroad first It would be very difficult to supply the troops in the East without the railroad Witte’s position lost out o Port Arthur 1904 – Japanese sunk the entire Russian fleet at Port Arthur o Peasant soldiers at the front The War at Home o Organized public Alliance of liberals and socialists Constitutional demands Liberals and socialists both wanted a constitution Even communists didn’t think Russia was immediately ready for communism…it needs to develop a bourgeoisie and democratic system first o Bloody Sunday Petition to the Tsar
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