October 23 - Birth of the Intelligentsia

October 23 - Birth of the Intelligentsia - revolutionary...

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State and Society in Imperial Russia October 23, 2007 Birth of the Intelligentsia Romantic Age o Enlightenment Reason Empirical knowledge Universality Anyone is capable of reason Interrogate human mind Seeks happiness, harmony o Romanticism Human spirit Unhappy mind Struggle for knowledge o Dialectics (Hegel) Thesis Anti-thesis Synthesis Reason Romantic thinking emerged in Germany o Idea of a united German state slowly emerging o After French Revolution, Germany was considered a rather safe, non-
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Unformatted text preview: revolutionary place o Tsar Nicholas didnt allow students to study in France because of the political unrest Lots of Russian students went to Germany to study Chaadaev o Russia is a blank in the annals of history o Peter the Great tried to establish a Russian identity, but there was no history on which to build o Enraged Nicholas Chaadaev was under house arrest o Russia is a desert o...
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