October 30 - Fathers and Sons

October 30 - Fathers and Sons - No preference for a...

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State and Society in Imperial Russia October 30, 2007 Fathers and Sons Takes place in 1859 – 2 years before emancipation of the serfs Bazarov and Arcady both think they are so different from their fathers, but they realize they have many similarities in the end o Living on the estate o Taking up the same profession Conflict between: o Arcady and Bazarov o Nicholas and Paul Juxtaposition between force and substance o Force = vitality, youthful vigor, action minded youth o Substance = ideas and traditions o Young Old: force without substance o Old Young: substance with no force Turgenev admires the rationalism of the youth (nihilists) o But he is put off by the coarseness/brash attitudes of the younger generation o Turgenev coined the term nihilists o Turgenev’s ideals: Sympathetic toward the serfs Lover of the arts Falls in love with an opera singer There has to be principles Bazarov o There is a positive future o But for now we have to deny everything because all is built upon falsities o Not a traditional Westernizer
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Unformatted text preview: No preference for a particular nationality choose whatever is best o Positive traits Helps Fenichka with her baby and is not prejudiced 1850s/1860s – approaching emancipation o Brief moment of universal intelligentsia criticism of Nicholas I (Slavophile and Westernizer) o Two movements emerge: Moderates Radical/Sots • Come to be known as nihilists • They don’t deny everything as much as they are highly critical of everything Nihilists/Radicals/Sots o New men o Men of action o Tired of sitting around in an intelligentsia circle and getting nothing accomplished o Human beings are inherently good People have been corrupted by the existing social order If these orders are broken down, people can be good again FOR THE ESSAY: o Bring up Belinsky o Other sources Slavophiles Westernizers Turgenev o Think about new and old generations Emancipation Russia’s history?...
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October 30 - Fathers and Sons - No preference for a...

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