September 6 - State and Society in Imperial Russia...

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State and Society in Imperial Russia September 6, 2007 Phases in Russian history o Kievan Rus’ ( 10 th -13 th c.) o Muscovy ( 13 th -17 th c.) o Imperial Russia ( 1552-1917) o Petrine Russia ( 1696-1917) Since Peter the Great o Soviet Russia ( 1917-1991) o Post-Soviet Russia ( 1991-) What predated “Imperial Russia”? What was Russia before the 17 th c.? Muscovy, Its Rise, Political Culture, Ideology (15 th /16 th c.) Climate and geography Northern region is all tundra and taiga Mixed Forest (Moscow) Steppe (fertile agricultural region) Desert o Large border makes it hard to control population movement o Climate makes it difficult for invaders to survive o Relatively flat terrain makes the country vulnerable o Large area with sparse population makes Russia hard to govern Kievan Rus’ o Kiev and Novgorod were major cities Founded by Vikings doing trade with the Byzantine Empire Scandanavia Byzantium N S: slaves, furs, honey, wax S N: corn, wine, silk, luxury goods Riurik Dynasty (Vikings) ruled Russia until the Romanovs came to power o Political Structure: loose confederation of princedoms o 988 – Prince Vladimir (the Saint) adopts Orthodox Christianity as state religion
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September 6 - State and Society in Imperial Russia...

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