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cde class 3 - CDE 232 2/4 The First Two Years Cognitive...

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CDE 232 2/4 The First Two Years Cognitive Development The domain of development that is concerned with thought processes Sensorimotor Intelligence Piaget- between 0 and 2yrs should retain Type of intelligence that Develops as a result of babies interacting with their physical world -slamming, making noise, putting things in their mouths, make them smarter Piaget says there are four stages Primary Circular Reactions-repetitive reactions Babies perform behaviors focusing on their own bodies Babies use these repetitive reactions to develop their minds Stage 1- reflexes- newborns- 0-4 months Spontaneous non non voluntary movements Stage 2- First acquired adaptations When babies start to gain a little control over reflexes Use reflexes for a purpose (when they want to eat or grab something) **3 concepts Schema- a babies’ idea about their world Ex: expectations about gravity- babies figure this out by dropping things over and over Develop schemas by assimilation and accommodation Assimilation - take in new information by incorporating it into previous Knowledge EX: if baby sees a person jump into the pool, baby knows they will Come up Accommodation - take in new information and adjust schema to accommodate Things new information EX: why babies are so fascinated with balloons because they go up… unlike when they drop something Stages 3 and 4- secondary circular reactions Show interest in objects and people
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cde class 3 - CDE 232 2/4 The First Two Years Cognitive...

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