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cde class 5 - CDE 232 2/13/08 The Play Years: Biosocial...

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CDE 232 2/13/08 The Play Years: Biosocial Development Body and Brain -biologically driven-genetic makeup, - socially guided- circumstances in the social environment influence the physical development of kids bodies and brains Body Shape and growth rates - lower body lengthens-by age of 4, has lengthened quite a bit and become slimmer - steady weight increase in height and weight… about 3inches in height a year and about 4.5lbs a year Eating Habits -Kids need - enough calories- no ideal number of calories… let the kid decide among healthy choices - proper nutrients- common problems in US kids consume way too much sugar kids from lower income levels go days at a time without fruit or vegetables Brian Development -Brain weight- by age 5, children has achieved 90% of their adult brain weight - pruning has taken place by age 7- use it or lose it… neurons must make connections Speed of thought - myelination- a thickening of a fatty substance that coats the axons and allows quicker transmission of information between the neurons. -Physical process that occurs as a result of affordances -if you do not experience myelination by age 3 to 4, you will not be able to achieve this -caused by lack of affordances - critical process in the brain Connecting the Brain’s Hemisphere’s - corpus callosum o nerve fibers that connect the two halves of the brain
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cde class 5 - CDE 232 2/13/08 The Play Years: Biosocial...

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