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ethics-second paper assignment - 0 ID# 117005171 Topic # 7...

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1 ID# 117005171 Topic # 7 The Hunter vs. the Victim: Which is Who? Evan Williams Section: 04
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2 Ever since the beginning of time, killing was an act that was considered to be morally wrong, yet it is perfectly intertwined with history. Both humans and non-humans alike killed as a way of getting ahead of the rest of the group. This way of life, termed “survival of the fittest” by Charles Darwin, influenced human nature as it is known now. Present-day humans are known to harm something or someone as an excuse to protect themselves. Whatever the reason, I believe that there should be certain creatures that should not be killed and it should be made clear that it would be considered wrong to kill them. I believe that is very wrong to kill creatures that cannot defend themselves, and innocent bystanders. Creatures that cannot defend themselves are defenseless creatures and therefore, it would be wrong to kill someone or something that is not able to protect itself from harm. A slug or a newborn infant would fit into this category. If you were to kill a slug, you would just squish and it would die. The same goes for the newborn infant: neither creature would be able to put up a fight against the attacker and therefore, would most likely die. Because the attacker has an unfair advantage (for example, in the form of strength,) it is thus wrong to kill them. It is also wrong to kill a creature that is just an innocent bystander. For example, if there is a snake on the other side of the rode, there is no need to kill it. Even if it “looks” dangerous, if it is not bothering you then it would be wrong for you to kill it. You should just go on your merry way. The same thing goes for ants. Although they look really gross and creepy crawly and you really want to squish them, you should really avoid doing so unless they are actually crawling up your face. Another characteristic that comes into play is that you should not kill someone or
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ethics-second paper assignment - 0 ID# 117005171 Topic # 7...

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